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Earn more from your product with paid surveys from reputable brands.




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We send users to Rewardable surveys

Our surveys will always be displayed matching your website or app look and feel!

Engage your users with fun Surveys!

Fun surveys

We find the best surveys for your users every time. Increase user engagement and satisfaction by completing surveys.

Fair Rewards

We value users time, so we reward users even if they are not qualifying for a survey.

Fast Support

Our team offers fast support for your team and for your users. We got you!

Start earning today!
5000+ publishers already work with us! Reward apps, Crypto, Games

Integrate Once, Earn Daily

Once the integration is completed, you can forget about it and watch your revenue grow. No maintenance or updates. If there’s an opportunity to maximize your earnings, we will contact you to optimize the integration.

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Multiple payment methods

Redeem your earnings using the method that is convenient for you. Bank Transfer, crypto, paypal. We got it!

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Real Time Dashboards

Financial and user insights Check your earnings at any time with a real time earning dashboard. Also, get to know the profile of your active user. Want more insights about your users? Use our free DIY survey tool to survey your users.

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Data is safe with us

Platform design and infrastructure, data quality procedures, all deliver a secure experience, compliant with all data protection and privacy regulations.

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A Solution for Every product

Script Recommended for Web

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CPX pre-packaged solution for web apps that can easily match your app’s look and feel, with a one line of code integration. Let our AI survey matching and ranking algorith do the work.

IFrame Mobile + Web

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Simple integration and grat UX for your web applications. All in a FRAME tag.

SDKs Mobile

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Our SDKs for Android, iOS, Unity, Flutter, React / React Native, give you full control over the respondent experience for mobile native apps.

API Mobile + Web

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For experienced publishers, our API offers full control over the User Experience

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No, there are no additional costs for using the service.

The duration of integration depends on the selected solution. Adding the recommended script tag to your website takes around 10 minutes. If you have any questions or concerns during the process, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

The revenue potential varies based on CPX Research survey visibility on your app or website and the type of integration . A noticeable integration leads to a higher chance of users starting surveys. One active user can generate on average $5.20 per week, depending on the geographic location of the user.

The payment terms are as follows: we offer NET30 terms, meaning payment is due 30 days after invoice is created automatically by our system. We pay via bank transfer or PayPal, with a minimum amount of $25. For those who prefer to use Bitcoin payments, we have a minimum requirement of $100.

Our surveys are designed to engage B2C audiences and focus on topics such as consumer purchasing decisions, brand awareness, and perspectives towards new products. CPX Research “Smart Match” technology automatically matches user profiles with surveys and filters out surveys that are not likely to convert well. Users are only presented with the most relevant and engaging content.

The surveys for users come from a variety of sources including direct and global collaborations with leading brands and over 120 market research companies.