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Everyone has an opinion! And that's all that matters. Do you own a website or an app? It couldn't be any easier to turn your audience into cash with our solution.

Your users take simple and fun surveys and receive ...

  • a virtual currency
  • access to premium content
  • any other kind of reward


1Are there any costs like setup fee etc.?
Totally not! Just register for free as publisher and add our surveywall or one of our other survey solutions within a few minutes to your website or app.
2Do you assist us in case we have problems?
It is not a big deal to integrate one or several of our survey solutions into your website or app, but of course we will be here for in case you encounter any problems. Just try to get in touch with your developer first. Still question marks? You can reach us within working hours from CET 9:00 - 18:00 in our livechat directly here on-page. Our team will assist you within a few minutes. In case we're too busy with other clients send us a short mail to: hello@cpx-research.com - We will get back to you very fast!
3How about payment terms?
Our payment terms are amazing! After the month is closed, we will pay you NET30 from 25 USD to your bank account or PayPal. BTC payments are possible for a minimum of 100 USD.

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